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 This project: Tools to Support   Teachers and Educational   Institutions in the Prevention  
 of  Gender Violence  

Aims to  and prevent gender-based violence by acting at aa very early stages (boys and girls between  and 8 and 16 years old) through the  training of professionals in the field o prevention of gender violence and improvement of their abilities, as well as or the families thanks to the creation of a toolkit. 

To offer teachers educational tools, good practices, for training and access to relevant material will allow, thanks to the education in this field in schoolchildren, to diminish gender violence situations by promoting gender equality.


In addition, children will be trained to detect sexist attitudes and values for themselves, thanks to the development of an App. The training contents will be aimed at developing an adequate maturity and reducing the possibility of gender violence occurring in the future.


TOOL4GENDER- (2019-1-ES01-KA201-064539)  




Increased awareness of how to improve resilience  and healthy relationships between school children; 



The empowerment of girls and greater evidence-based knowledge of the patterns observed before the perpetration of GB​V;

Better training on education and  gender approaches and capacity building and formal training that will allow greater knowledge based on evidence of observed patterns (before GBV perpetration) and new opportunities to detect early signs.



A TOOLKIT that will allow teachers, professionals working in educational centers, re-educational facilities, and internment centers for young offenders (psychologist, social workers, educators and trainers) and families, which will have access to a repository of material on good practices, protocols and working methods in the field of the prevention of gender violence, strengthening the profile (s) of the teaching professions and promoting the acquisition of skills and key competencies in terms of social inclusion and gender equality.


A VLE (Virtual learning environment) for training about prevention in GBV for social work/education professionals, psychology, etc. to improve their knowledge about prevention and combating GBV and thus be able to train professionals working in educational centers, re-educational facilities, and internment centers for young offenders, allowing them to act affectively.


An APP to allow reflection to the school children between 8 and 16 years on the healthiness of relationships and will allow school children to detect sexist behaviours and empower them. As a result, the school children will be better trained and they will have greaters skills to control situations of risk, promoting the development of social competence.​

TOOL4GENDER will be based on a series of innovative tools such as:

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