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The consortium is made up of a total of 7 entities, from differents countries of the European Union: Spain, Italy, Romania, Estonia and Cyprus, provides the project with an international vision, cultural diversity, high impact, transferability and a multidisciplinary approach, which provides quality to the project.

The value of this consortium is to bring together experts from different fields in: education, digital learning, innovation and socio-health studies, social inclusion, sharing their knowledge and experience in the training of professionals and the development of pedagogical tools (HERON, SEAS, KVELOCE , IRES).

Thus, from entities such as SAVE The Children and ECUW, they share their experience in childcare and family and child rights policies, as well as from GINSO, they provide key experience in specialized care for vulnerable minors aimed at the prevention of gender violence.

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GINSO  Asociación para la Gestión de la Integración Social


Country: SPAIN



The main purpose of GINSO Associations is the social integration of children and Young people with social problemas and groups at risk of exclusión. The GINSO Association has been created in 2001.the GINSO team manages MInor detention centres and develops intervetion model base on innovation and quality of services to ensuere their proper reintegration into society. Develops social inclusión and employment program addressed to personas at risk of exclusión throught various employment programs. His programa RECURRA-GINSO, provides integral services of social health, for families in conflicto with their sons. 

Our work methology consideres gender work as a transversal axis, throught the promotion of values and education for equality  and equity between boys and girls. Throught accions aimen at reducing sexist attitudes and values and respecto for differences of all kinds (gender, sexual identity, race..)aimed at a coexistence base on respect and tolerance.

European projects experience:

 GINSO has had the great experience of participating in other European projects: 

  • NO PUNISH (2016-2019) JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/ CORP/9183where we collaborate in promoting good treatment of children, from the development of a tool to eradicate physical punishment in childhood.


  • INFOREX Project (2016-2018), Erasmus+ proyecto nº2016-1-LT01-KA204-023242 aimed at training job skills for Young people at social risk, was trained in job skills to facilitate their job placement.

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Country: RUMANIA



An Entity is a non-governamental , democratic, indepedent, non-profit, non- political and non-religious Romanian organization. The mission of the organization is to promote and defend children´s rights. 

Save the Children- Dolj was set up in 1990. It is a member of the International Save the Children Alliance and of other nine international forums and organizations. 

The areas of expertise of the Save the Childrens Organization are: children´s protection against to ensure all the conditions necessary for every child to be respected and appreciated, activities of children, abused or neglected children. Being an organization which offers publics services, Save the childres Dolj was involved in International programmes and other paternship at the national level. Save the Children, has a great experience in education and training and also in Exchange of best practices between the diferente category of specialists with the propose to help of children development.

European Project:


  • “Preventing the spread of TB among homeless children and youth through health education” the Project contribute is to reduce TB transmission among children/youth and their homeless families.

  • “Education for economically exploited children”- School Recovery economically exploited children.

  • Reducción the negative impacto of economic migration of parents to Italy concerning the children left home alone in Romania”- The overall objective of the Project is to reduce the negative impacts associated with parents migration on children left behind.


  • “Sigur.Info- Internet Safety” the Project focuses on the importance that internet has on everyone´s life and we want with the aid of such a campaign to present a safe browsing resource, to  you and especially to your provided on the site. www.


  • The greatest lesson in the world. Thre Reading lesson.

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“HERON”. Digital Education &Mathisis LTD

Country: CHIPRUS




HERON is a non-profit research organization, founded by the team of techares who operate in Greece and Chiprus since 2006 and officially became a legal entity in 2018.

HERON develops digital educational content, organizes teacher and parent training and events, such as the competitions. HERON is also responsable for the educational content and workshops curriculum for the first Cyprus Computer Historia Museum. Have pionered the introduction of 1-1 computing in Cyprus and Greece through the support and deployment of the One Laptop Per Child initiative, various tables Project as well as learning Management System integration in Primary Education.


Currently, Heron is promoting the inclusión and equal representation of girls in robotics and engineering projects, as well as devoloping content for the Computer History Museum to promote the role of women in computer science, with such prominent sicientists as Lady Augusta, Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hopper, and others.

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Country: SPAIN



The Spanish Society of Social and Health Care is a non-profit organisation located in Spain. Intregrated by researchers and professors all around Spain, the association provides high experience in R&D in the social and healthcare sector. In particular, SEAS has been created to  promote inclusion and protect the rights of those at risk of vulnerability.


SEAS is in constant contact with different collectives, promoting a person-centred approach to the different research and innovation actions. SEAS has elaborated and implemented different courses and learning materials to empower diferente collectives at risk of social exclusion.

European Projects:


  • Patients with Acquired Brains Injuries”. Organized within the framework of the L.U.C.A. Project.

  • LUCA- “Links United for Coma Awarkenings”. 2013-1-IT2-GRU06-21826. 

  • Project Alzheimer: trempling intergenerationnnel dçinsertion sociale et professionnelle (2011-2013), Several  courses addressed  at training people and professionals to work, care and live with Alzheimer patients.

  • LIVINGALL, free movement and equal opportunities for all (2007-2009).

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Country: SPAIN



Senior Europa is a n SME specialized in the development, implementation and exploitation of R&D Projects and their funding, with a history of more tan 10 years. Kveloce research lines focus on the area of health innovation and social innovation, in particular socio-economic impact assessment of innovation, circular economy and human behaviour, new business models and social innovation; participatory processes, co-creation and new governance models, ICT user friendly solutions for capacity building, communication and dissemination.

Kveloce I+D+I has strong expertise in training activities addressed to SEMEs and Research and Education Centres including VET centers but also Business Confederations and Chambers of Commerce all around Spain (eg. Alicante, Valencia, Navarra and Cantabria, among others). 

The company has implemented a relevant number of courses and specific seminars as well as virtual and online learning platfforms and is also involved in academic initiatives, participating and contributing with its expertise, for example, to the EBT Master of Creation and Management of Technological bases innovative Business, ante the unvirsity of Valencia.


Kveloce I+D+I, provides support on dissemination and communication activities. Furthermore, the company has strong expertise in knowledge managment for innovative companies and devolops strategies plans to manage the innovation and transfer it to market. The geographic outreach of Kveloce I+D+I, COVERS THE European and international scope, Bing located in three Spanish regions: Valencia. 

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Country: ESTONIA



Estonian Union for Child Welfare (EUCW) is a non-profit umbrella organization that contributes to ensuring children´s rights and shaping a child-friendly society. EUCW is an oldest and largest NGO in Estonia (27 local membre organizations) thas was founded in 1988.

EUCW partipates actively in a variety of national and intenational networks and advocates Convention on the Rights of the Child by organizing conferences, roundatles, trianings, seminars and composing report.

EUCW in its activities advocates for childres´s rights and  well-being, influences society, including partipation in the policy and law-marking progress; carry out national as well as international projects and programms; research and analyses the situation and opinions of Children.

EUCW follow the four core principles of the UNCRC in its activies: non discrimination; adherences to the best interest of the child, The right to life, survival and development and the right of the child to be heard.

EUCW supports the partipation of children throught the Youth Council, wich is establishes in 2004 and is made up of 13 individuals ages 15-18. The Youth Council lis involved in organisation´s activities, projects and programmes in national and international level (member od Eurochild Children-s Council).

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Logo IRES 2012.jpg

Country: ITALY



IRES FVG  promotes the economic, social and environmental devolpment of the regional territory through is activities of research, profesional advice, vocational guidance, and training. IRES FVG concentrates on the following main áreas of activities: Labor market, social inclusión, equal opportunities. The institute is composes of a staff of 45 professionals with mutidisciplinary skills. 

IRES FVG has gained extensive expertise in designing, managing and implementing EU-funded Project, acting as both partner and lead partner. 

We carry out transtional activities in the vocational education and training field and often join in special projects with both Italian and international partners.


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